It's Time

2010-04-03 08:33:25 by stinkoid

I've had enough with stewing in my own self loathing. That was sooo 2009. I'm going to show you fuckers what I'm made of!! Heeaarrrrrgg!!!!!

But not before i eat this kilo bag of macadamia nuts. MMMMM.

Shner Shner Shner

2009-11-03 04:17:48 by stinkoid

So it's full blown summer now and I have to sit in my room in my underwear. AWWWW YEAH!

I have no Flash or Photoshop and I haven't for the past few months ever since the great computer crash of 09. I've been doing some hand drawn art but it's very unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. OH WHY?

I'm slowly saving for a Macbook. A Macbook will solve all my problems, even my persistent groin rash (so itchy).

I want a creative job, but am I good enough for one? Wouldn't it just be so easy to pursue my current job further and become a personal trainer. I'd pump iron and my trainer name would be Sergent Meat Guns. But that's the easy road and I'm better than that.

New Animation

2008-06-23 12:02:59 by stinkoid

For my tens on fans, including, but not limited to, my sister and my friend Stephen, I have a new (decent?) animation up! Hooray for me.

I haven't cleaned my room in so long, SO LONG. I mean, it would be so easy to douse everything in petrol and burn it sterile but noooo. That would make my landlord mad. Why are people so irrational?